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A specific area (category) of this site is allocated to each licensed college, company or school. Each category contains units as separate courses


A specific area (category) is available where any user is welcome to enroll on different units using PayPal. Please do not enroll in a college or school area as your enrollment will be terminated and no refund is possible. Please note that the material is self-study and that instructor input is not provided.


As part of the agreed license, a full teacher access login will be created for use by instructors. All results and grades can be tracked and changes to the course can be made such as creation of separate groups. But, please note the teacher role means you have a lot of power! If a mistake is made by a teacher that prevents normal operation, then ATT will charge a fee to repair the error (or will reset the course at no cost). A reset however, will mean student tracking data is lost.

Please refer to the ATT Help Manual and the Moodle Help Book, both of which are available free from the front page of the site.


Students should contact their teacher or instructor for help with all technical subjects. Forgotten passwords can be reset on the system but you must remember your login name.


Whilst every effort has been made, the ATT material is supplied 'as is' and no liability is accepted by ATT Training. Students and technicians should always follow manufacturers' instructions and normal safety procedures when carrying out any work on a vehicle.

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