Features and benefits

  • Prep reduced or even eliminated
  • Self learning-individualized curriculum
  • Language translation (machine) on every screen
  • ATT interactive allows students to study in more depth or consolidate learning
  • Assignments and self-assessments
  • Multiple-choice questions linked to the learning
  • Animations, videos, voiceover, activities and more
  • Master copy USB to colleges and schools
  • VLE/LMS web access
  • Structured to match the latest qualifications/standards
  • Contextualized Mathematics, English and ICT content included
  • Aural, Visual and Kinaesthetic learning styles
  • Student or Teacher led learning (or a combination is best!)


The material is split into units, which are each further divided into modules and sections where necessary. This allows the material to be studied in bite sized chunks and in any order. The programs cover all qualification requirements.

Multiple-choice questions are included and when students answer incorrectly, they are automatically directed back to the learning material specific to the questions they got wrong!

Integrated learning of 'Core Skills' such as Math and English all in a vocational context.

A glossary and ‘toolbox’ are also built in. Interactive activities reinforce learning and make it more fun!


PDF versions of the books are on the DVD so you can just print what you need or students can buy the books – your call!

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